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Preparing Picky Eaters for Emergencies

In our last post we recommended you keep a couple packs of regular playing cards on hand and learn the rules to some basic games in advance. We’ve found that a diversion helps pass time and soothe kids (even adults!) in an emergency, even if it’s just a power outage.
There is sound reasoning behind this plan; part of preparing for an emergency isn’t just making sure you have food, water and shelter. If you’ve got a family, preparing for […]

Prepare to Have Fun

Kids can easily be frightened by power outages, storms and “emergency” situations that interrupt their daily routines. Once you know your family is safe and has provisions, sometimes there’s nothing to do but pass the time. Card games are a classic way to pass time by candlelight. Games let your children know that everything is okay while providing a diversion until bedtime or until things return to normal.
It helps to know the rules of some easy-to-learn basic card games […]

Making Yogurt

We’ve got pictures on our website of tasty-looking fruit, yogurt and granola parfaits. This concoction is a favorite with athletes and outdoors people because it’s full of protein, calcium, vitamins and whole grains. You can order our freeze-dried fruit and you can order our crunchy granola – but if the food supply chain is interrupted, where does the yogurt come from? The good news is yogurt is ancient; humans have been making yogurt with rudimentary equipment for thousands of […]

Happy Meals

When kids reach a certain age a beautiful thing happens for a brief period of time. They want to make their own snacks. This gives parents one less thing to do, gives kids confidence in the kitchen and teaches responsibility and independence. Lots of our customers use our outdoor meals, especially the fruit and veggie packs and dips, as an introduction to kitchen self-sufficiency and safety.
If your kids are starting to ask to help in the kitchen and are […]

Managing Food Supplies: Sanitation & Cooking Without Power

It doesn’t take a large-scale disaster to cause large portions of the population to be without power for days. In fact, last fall a surprise October snowstorm in Boston caused 43,000 homes to go dark – some for nearly a week.
Being without power for days probably means the loss of all food in cold storage. In the case of the Boston snowstorm, it may mean no access to a grocery store. Clean water may be also be limited. If […]