Monthly Archives - June 2012

Planning for Pandemic

In 2009 the CDC confirmed an outbreak of human cases of H1N1 (swine) flu in North America and the outbreak quickly spread around the world. Two months later the World Health Organization raised its flu alert level to Phase 6 – the highest level – indicating that a global pandemic was underway. Then Hollywood made a bunch of zombie movies that played on our reactions and fear of pandemics, and, well, the facts have gotten a little…muddy.
Pandemics are fascinating […]


Our Favorite Sandwich

This month we’re really excited to announce the addition of gourmet freeze-dried meats to our products. These seasoned meats are uniquely prepared so they can be easily combined with other food ingredients to create complete meals.
These meals are not just “survival food” – you know us better than that! We like to eat well in any situation, so we hired a chef! (You can see Chef Norman working his magic in this video.)
Besides great taste, one of the things […]


Did We Register for That?

Statistically speaking, there are going to be 182,000 weddings in June this year. Chances are, you’ve been invited to one of them. Money is the most popular gift, followed by something off the couple’s wedding registry. Do you ever wonder how many china plates and bookends wind up at the Goodwill or how soon that $30 bath sheet will be lining a puppy crate? Not that we’re cynical here, in fact we love weddings. But, we’re practical – thus […]