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Top 5 Prepariphenalia

I believe it was the Oregon Disaster Response team that coined the term “prepariphenalia.” We liked it so much that we decided to share our Top 5 list of favorite emergency preparedness gadgets, more affectionately known as prepariphenalia:
1. Emergency Mylar Blankets – we appreciate anything that has more than one use and Mylar blankets are a must-have in every emergency stash and every emergency kit. Mylar resists ultraviolet radiation so they are very effective at making shade and serving […]

Hydroponic Gardening

There are two kinds of emergencies: short-term emergencies and long-term emergencies. More and more people are starting to think about preparing for long-term emergencies and creating a life-style Plan B that would allow them to carry on in a ‘new normal.’ Dehydrated food plays a big role in short-term emergencies and bridging the gap for a very long time in a “new normal” – however, nobody’s going to argue that fresh vegetables and herbs aren’t going to be an […]

Medicinal Plants

Just like most people, I’ve got a convenient cabinet full of bottles and bubble packs of pills that come in hand when my head hurts or my GI system gets upset over something. I’m not terribly interested in giving up the stuff in my medicine cabinet, but like any good Prepper, I know there may come a day when allergy pills and aspirin aren’t being churned out and distributed around the country by the semi load. Part of learning […]

Seed Vaults

When you think of “Svalbard”, that is, if you ever think of Svalbard, you probably think of polar bears, ice and snow. Svalbard is in Norway, only 810 miles from the North Pole and not terribly accessible. However, there’s interesting stuff going on up there. In fact, since 2008 Svalbard has been home the Global Seed Bank. The purpose of the Bank is to protect the genetic diversity of seeds from all over the world in case of a […]

Lynn, Canada

“On May 2, of this year…. at 3:45 pm {I won’t ever forget} I was hit by a truck while standing at a corner waiting for traffic to pass. I was with my bike (straddled between my legs) when I was hit on my left side. My leg was broken in three places as it was forced around the bars of the bike. I flew several feet and landed on my back in the middle of the intersection. The […]