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Disability Emergency Planning

One in five people reading this post have a disability. We talk a lot about leaving the house quickly or being forced to stay home for long periods and the things you can do to stay healthy and safe during emergencies. However, for people with disabilities, the basic precautions are different. The CDC reported this story:
“In 2008, a rare winter storm buried Portland, Oregon under more than a foot of snow. The city was gridlocked. Nickole Chevron was stuck […]


Let’s face it, it may be impossible to prepare for every single situation you’ll encounter in an emergency or widespread cataclysm. You’ll have to barter for some things, but that’s the way commerce has worked from the beginning. Thinking about recent history and the shortages that the World Wars caused, we have first-hand accounts of what people want desperately when things go bad. Some aren’t surprising – alcohol, tobacco, pain relief, Some are surprising – in mass supply chain […]

Banking Blood for an Emergency

Blood transfusions are routine for those involved in serious accidents or requiring invasive surgeries. The trouble is, you don’t know whose blood you’re getting and some statistics indicate that one in ten people who receive a blood transfusion contract hepatitis from infected blood[1]. Another problem with blood transfusions is that they depend on your type of blood being available, and there are hundreds of subtypes.
In the era of blood-borne disease and pandemic that idea leaves many people uneasy, which […]

Your Car as an Emergency Shelter

Most of the time when we think of evacuating in an emergency we imagine ourselves at home with at least a few minutes to grab the essentials. However, that’s not always the case. You may be at work or traveling when disaster strikes, preventing you from getting home. In this case it makes sense to keep a small emergency kit in the car in case your car temporarily becomes “home” in an emergency.
It would be easy to load up […]

Basic First Aid

Unless you’re in the medical profession, chances are your kids know more about basic first aid than you do at this moment. Kids usually get some basic first aid training and refreshers as part of their school curriculum but adults rarely have the opportunity to learn or refresh their skills – and some things have changed. Did you know you’re supposed to sing the Bee Gee’s tune “Stayin’ Alive” while doing CPR now? I’m not making that up! A […]