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Sometimes we ask you to trust us a minute in our blog posts and this is one of those times. You see, if you’re not already on Pinterest, we want you to consider joining. Pinterest is a content sharing website that allows members to “pin” images and videos to “pinboards” they create on different topics.

The New Portable Generators

If you haven’t seen the new generation of portable thermoelectric generators, be prepared to get excited. These little powerhouses convert heat from buring small debris or boiling water into power for USB devices such as smartphones, GPS units, cameras, lights, radios and water purifiers. One of the main benefits of these devices is that unlike

10 Survival Skills to Learn in 2013

You may be looking to military books for survival training but if that’s your sole source of information you’re likely missing out on tried-and-true, gadget-free survival skills that can carry you through a long-term emergency. One of the best sources for information is history – in fact, you might be able to learn as much

Scott, MA

“Two back to back events proved that planning and preparation goes a long way to ensure your family is not only safe, but relatively happy during difficult times. In the Northeast we are usually good with snow storms, but a hurricane followed a few weeks later by a very early snow storm was unusual. First,

10 Keys to Surviving a Disaster

A Guest Blog Post by Jeff Ordonez Note: Author, researcher, and teacher Jeff Ordonez has studied world religions for over 25 years. He’s traveled extensively throughout North America and South America seeking the truth and now appears on nationally syndicated radio. To learn more about Jeff and his book, Seven Predicted Disasters, visit: http://7predicteddisasters.com Fiery

Off the Grid – Not Out of Power

Portable solar charging panels allow you to charge and power electronics even when you’re off the grid. Trekkers, boaters and RV’ers have been testing them out and giving feedback to manufacturers for a few years now. That’s good news for Preppers who want reliable, compact, lightweight portable power in a disaster, emergency – or if

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