Monthly Archives - February 2013

Top 5 Prepper Books

In many parts of the country February is a slower time of year – great for catching up on your reading. Here are our recommendations for five books that will give your prepping plans a boost:
1. The Prepper’s Pocket Guide: 101 Easy Things You Can Do to Ready Your Home for a Disaster by Bernie Carr – This small guide encourages readers to make a sensible evaluation of potential risks then make incremental preparations that don’t break the bank. […]


Rain Barrel 101

Rain barrels are an ancient innovation but they should be part of every modern Prepper’s strategy. Using one seems pretty simple, right? Well, yes. But, not exactly. There are some things you should know to use your rain barrel safely, and there are some modern ideas in the marketplace that may give a significant boost to the utility of the rain barrel.
A rain barrel is a 55-gallon drum that is used to collect and store rainwater from runoff areas, […]


5 Survival Myths

As more and more people become interested in being prepared for long and short-term emergencies, the quantity of survival information seems to multiply. However, we all know not to believe everything we read on the Internet or watch on TV – right? When it comes to planning for life-or-death situations, it pays to be discerning about the information you’re basing a survival plan on.
Here are five survival myths that may surprise you:

You can go for weeks without food. Sure, […]