Jenney, OR

“We are Prepared! A few years ago we sat and discussed how we would survive. Since then we have purchased a nice supply of Wise products. Personally, we were not in an emergency situation but what we did was go to our supply and donate to a family who had lost their home when unemployment

Four New Awesome Prepper Gadgets for Summer

Some websites are dangerous. You know those with a bunch of awesome items that you can get sucked in lose a few hours before you know it. Our Wise Prepper Pinterest page is like that for me, and I’ve found another one: Uncrate. Uncrate is a super slick website chock full of fascinating gadgets, and

Social Media and Emergencies

Last year about this time we wrote about the then-new hurricane alert app from the Red Cross. In just a year, so much has changed. Social media has become an incredibly valuable tool for emergency management, personal safety and communication. Even though major catastrophes like Hurricane Katrina and the terrorist attacks on September 11th aren’t

Emergency Organizations 101

With tornado and hurricane season in full swing, you’ll be reading and hearing about all sorts of emergency organizations. Why are there so many and what do they all do? It’s a fair question and it’s easy to get confused. Unfortunately, scam organizations also pop up every time there is a disaster so it pays

Nancy, WV

“Last year we had a terrible storm come through our state. The destruction it caused was state wide and was felt by everyone in one form or another. As we ran for safety into our home the lights flickered and went out. We had no way of knowing that this was going to be our

Preparing Your PC for Emergencies

  Your desktop or laptop computer likely contains critical information that helps you run your life. If you’re like most people, you’ve got photographs, financial records and other important files that you don’t want to lose. In an emergency, if you have time to evacuate, the family car is going to be stuffed with kids,

Trent, NJ

“After Hurricane Sandy hit, our home lost power for 5 days. We had Wise emergency food, clean pots and pans and a fireplace with plenty of max logs. We were put into a situation where we needed to use the rations of food that we had purchased from Wise Company. Surprisingly, they were very easy

Shannon, PA

“I have a small supply of Wise Company food on hand, I purchase 3 day kits when I can afford to and keep them in backpacks filled with other emergency supplies for “just in case” situations . In October 2012 hurricane Sandy hit the east coast I thought I was in a good spot and

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