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Emergency Communication: Phonetic Alphabet and Morse code

Whiskey, Tango, Bravo
If you’re not in the military you probably only hear people use the phonetic alphabet in movies. The phonetic alphabet may seem like useless knowledge, but it’s not – everyone concerned about being prepared in an emergency situation should know it. Technically it’s called the “International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet” and it was developed to avoid confusion between speakers of different languages. In emergency situations it can be used to communicate clearly over bad connections or in times […]

William, MI

“Last year, we had a weather anomaly here in Southwestern Michigan, knocking out electrical power for more than three days. In the last several years, I have purchased numerous emergency food buckets from Wise Company for just such an occurrence or the possibility of another massive terrorist attack. It was going into winter, cold and windy following the storm that damaged electrical equipment.
I bought a single burner camping stove and boiling a half-gallon of water to prepare Wise Company […]

Sean, WI

“In April, my wife and I traveled from Iowa to Colorado for a wedding and to do some camping. We had planned on staying in a cabin at State Forrest State Park with family. Instead of buying numerous bags of groceries we decided to take our Wise Emergency Food bucket to save some space. The Wise dehydrated foods were fantastic and very filling and were a hit among our family members. We realized that not only are Wise foods […]

Vertical Farming

We’ve written about urban farming before and took note when some crazy vertical farming pictures started popping up on our Pinterest page. It sure didn’t take long for vertical farming to go mainstream!  Of course, Preppers love vertical farming. You can grow a large amount of food in a small space and use recycled materials. What’s not to love?
Vertical farms grow plants from floor to ceiling or on multiple stories of a structure. On a large scale, there are […]

David, NJ

“Last year when Hurricane Sandy came through it took out power to my home for 14 days. Stores ran out of food within 3 to 4 hours within a 400 mile radius and gas stations ran out of fuel within the hour and none we’re open for weeks. Your emergency kit with the burners and your buckets are the reason why my family had food for 4 weeks. It took that long to restock all the shelves in all […]

Our Good Food is Now Better than Ever!

Announcing new products and reformulated recipes that eliminate transfats and reduce sodium.
Our dehydrated meals have always been different than anything-in-a-pinch MREs because we believe that emergency food doesn’t have to translate to bad food. As a result, our meals have always been good to eat – even if there’s no emergency. As food science evolves, our chefs (actual chefs) have been able to make even better food that’s even better for you.
We’re really excited to announce that we’ve tweaked […]

The Care and Feeding of Your Sump Pump

The Care and Feeding of Your Sump Pump Your sump pump is a lot like your pancreas; nobody thinks about it until it stops working. And, if it does stop working you’ll have to call a bunch of professionals and paying a really big bill. If your house has a basement you probably have a sump basin.
The sump basin is the collection point for rainwater or ground water (most basements east of the Rockies are dug below the waterline). […]