Author - Brian Neville

Backyard Beekeeping

For a growing number of people, backyard beekeeping is the next logical step in their long-term self-reliance plan. The benefits are numerous and beekeepers say that if you can keep a garden or a pet, you can keep bees.
Backyard beekeepers not only enjoy dramatic improvements in garden yields, there is, of course, the honey and other products that can be harvested, used, sold or traded:

Beeswax is the glandular secretions of honeybees that divide the cells of a hive. Common […]

The Four-Year Sandwich?

An article in this month’s TIME magazine (March 19, 2012 | Vol. 179 No. 11) reports that scientists at NASA and the military are working on innovative ways to preserve food, even highly perishable food like mayonnaise, so it can survive for years at room temperature. John Floros, the lead author of the recent report “Feeding the World Today and Tomorrow” writes that the biggest problem the world faces when it comes to food – especially critical but perishable […]

Combating Rising Food Prices

Are Food Prices Rising?
Every year the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) releases a report that details food prices and their predictions on whether food prices will rise or fall. Their predictions aren’t based on guesses or groundhog behavior, they are based on a landslide of data that has to do with things like weather, political climates, the economies of the world and population.
Last year’s report (the 2012 edition is forthcoming) reported that “high food […]

How Many Calories Do I Need?

If you’re using your emergency food stores to get through a weekend power-outage, you don’t need to pay too much attention to nutrition. However, if you’re planning for long-term food shortage, it makes sense to understand what nutrition you need verses what your kids need, and what you need on an active day versus what you need on a more relaxed day. This kind of planning will ensure you get the right number of calories from your survival meals.
Also, […]

Meals Without Wheels

A recent study funded by the Meals on Wheels organization revealed that 5 million senior Americans, that’s almost 12% of the senior population, face hunger every day. Half of those 5 million are living above the federal poverty line and two thirds of them are younger seniors between the ages of 60 to 65.
These surprising statistics mean that, even if you live in an affluent neighborhood, it’s likely that a senior you know is going hungry, is not getting […]

Preparing Stored Food 101

Grinding grain and soaking beans for emergency food storage is fun, right?
Not so much. We’ve done it and we’ve learned that on the occasions that we need to use our food insurance it’s because we’ve got better things to do, whether it’s hitting the trail at first light or keeping the household warm, safe and occupied while we wait for the electricity to come back on.
There are two species of Wise freeze dried food: for household use, just empty […]

Self-Sufficiency through Urban Agriculture?

From Detroit’s famous Urban Gardening projects to New York’s “green roofs”, city and suburban dwellers are using every conceivable sunny spot, no matter how small, to grow edible plants in what seems to be the new national past time, becoming more self-sufficient.
Extreme but admirable examples, like the Dervaes family (founders of Urban Homestead) manage a tiny but fully functional urban farm, complete with animals, just 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. The family harvests 3 tons of organic food […]

Easy RV Meals

RVers face some challenges when it comes to food: vast, empty stretches without restaurants, late-night hauls when everyone is sleeping except the hungry driver, cold food, fast food, the frustration of cooking in a tight space and limited storage can all add up to a lot of expense and stress during what should be a relaxing vacation.
Whether your trip is a family vacation or part of a lifestyle, a little planning and strategy can go a long way. Here […]

Emergency Planning for Pets

If you live with furry friends it’s important to plan for their well being and safety in an emergency, too. Few of us will forget the images of pets struggling for survival in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The lesson was learned hard and fast, and animal welfare in an emergency took a quantum leap forward via legislation, public awareness, emergency services and owner preparedness.
Take some time to prepare for emergency scenarios befitting your geography. Every pet owner should […]

Vegetarian Nutrition

The number of folks choosing a vegetarian diet is expanding. You can get all the nutrition you need with a smart vegetarian diet; however, the biggest concern for vegetarians is getting enough protein, which can be particularly challenging when relying on emergency food or survival food. Still, it’s not difficult with a little bit of pre-planning.
How much protein do I need?
First, let’s talk about protein. As a general rule, between 10 percent and 15 percent of your total calories […]