Heating Your Home During an Emergency

If you live in the Midwest or Northeast, you have likely experienced a deep freeze with below zero temperatures this winter. For many, the El Niño warming effect from a few months ago feels like a distant memory. Perhaps you’ve even found yourself daydreaming about moving to a tropical paradise! Wishful thinking aside, have you considered what you would do if an emergency or disaster knocked out your heat source on one of these frigid days? There are several […]

Effective Emergency Preparation for Seniors

Many older adults have issues that need to be taken into consideration when implementing an emergency plan. The same basic steps are involved as in family emergency planning, but there are some senior-specific things that need to be addressed. If your parents are elderly or you are a caregiver, you need to handle all of the below steps to ensure that the seniors in your life stay safe in emergencies. You may experience some resistance from them, but it […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Emergency Food Storage

Many people make common mistakes when storing food for emergency purposes. You can easily avoid these missteps and prepare a well-stocked, durable, and versatile pantry. This starts with an assessment of every family member’s food needs, including sensitivities, allergies, and any health issues that affect diet. Three key elements should be taken into consideration—variety, balance, and moderation. Don’t forget your pets—they are valued members of your family, too.
Handy Tips for Your Food Pantry

They say variety is the spice of […]

How to Recycle Trees for Your Own Use

The holidays are over and you have put away the lights, ornaments, and tinsel until next season. You may live in a community that offers free, curbside Christmas tree pick-up on designated days after the holiday. Your community will chip the trees and put them to use for spring beautification projects or to replenish surfaces in local playgrounds. However, if you do this yourself, it will provide rich mulch for your own vegetable or flower garden. You don’t need […]

How to Survive a Snowy Winter Night in Your Car

Every winter, thousands of people find themselves stranded while driving in the snow. In December 2000, a man survived 16 days on M&Ms, orange juice, and a quart of water when his car was buried in snow on a back road in Oregon. More recently, a man crashed into a snowy ravine in West Virginia. Battling frostbite and hypothermia, he stayed alive for nearly one week drinking melted snow, and eating peanut butter and packets of taco sauce. He […]

How to Involve Your Children in Emergency Planning

It is important to involve children in emergency planning, so that if one occurs, they may be less frightened and can help. A good way to start is to teach your child the difference between an emergency and a problem. Experts suggest telling young children that an emergency is an unusual event that may cause damage to things like houses and cars, and also may hurt people. A simple explanation for natural disasters such as a tornado is to […]

How to Make DIY Waterproof Matches

Since the beginning of humankind, fire starters have been the most essential tool a human could possess for survival. Back then, there was no such thing as a commercial match. However, a match similar to what we know today was mentioned in a book entitled Records of the Unworldly and the Strange, published many centuries ago in 950 AD.
If there occurs an emergency at night it may take some time to make a light to light a lamp. But […]

Five Clever Survival Uses for Tin Cans

Empty tin cans can prove very useful when you find yourself in survival mode. Here are a few simple suggestions for transforming tin cans into practical tools.

Light source: A tin can is easily repurposed into a light source by punching holes in the sides and placing a candle inside. This will yield a softer source of light and is safer than using a candle alone. You can also skip punching holes in the can, pour oil into it, and […]

How to Make DIY Emergency Candle Kits

Power outages are a common occurrence, whether they are caused by severe weather, utility companies cutting lines during construction, or heat-related power glitches. Candles are one of the basic items you should have in an emergency kit. Purchasing large, long-lasting candles can be quite an expensive undertaking. But with a few simple ingredients and resourcefulness, you can make your own candles for a fraction of the cost. Some of these don’t even require burning anything at all.
Five Simple Methods […]

Emergency Preparation Tips for Pet Owners

Your English Bulldog Rocky and Persian cat Chloe are adored and treated like members of your household. But have you considered how you would protect them if disaster struck, such as a fire, flooding, earthquake, or hurricane? So how can you prepare for worst-case scenarios and protect your beloved pets? It is important to put together a preparedness plan for your pets at the same time that you create one for your family.
Many experts suggest that cats or dogs […]