Angie, IN

“I am a mother of four. We received a Wise emergency food kit before an ice storm hit our area. Of course at the time of receiving the kit, we really didn’t think that it was going to be of use to us, just a precaution. We were terribly wrong. The ice was inches thick

Hazel, TX

“In my husband, John, was in an accident. For us, it constituted a big, fat, hairy emergency. Fortunately, at about the same time, I phoned Wise Foods and received a selection of entrees, fruit and vegetable side dishes with sauces and breakfasts. There was a great variety, so neither of us got burned out, important

Larry, TX

“We haven’t had a disaster here in Austin lately, but I was deployed to Long Island for the Sandy Hurricane disaster. I’m glad I packed several Wise meals as the food that was available to us was not always the most nutritious. Thanks to Wise I was able to have enjoyable and delicious meals and


“I have had to use my emergency food storage during a layoff. Because of that experience I chose to augment my food storage with Wise food products. Wise Foods are complete and convenient with an extended shelf life. Rotation of food has always been problematic for me and I hate wasting food. When I consider

William, MI

“Last year, we had a weather anomaly here in Southwestern Michigan, knocking out electrical power for more than three days. In the last several years, I have purchased numerous emergency food buckets from Wise Company for just such an occurrence or the possibility of another massive terrorist attack. It was going into winter, cold and

Sean, WI

“In April, my wife and I traveled from Iowa to Colorado for a wedding and to do some camping. We had planned on staying in a cabin at State Forrest State Park with family. Instead of buying numerous bags of groceries we decided to take our Wise Emergency Food bucket to save some space. The

David, NJ

“Last year when Hurricane Sandy came through it took out power to my home for 14 days. Stores ran out of food within 3 to 4 hours within a 400 mile radius and gas stations ran out of fuel within the hour and none we’re open for weeks. Your emergency kit with the burners and

Jenney, OR

“We are Prepared! A few years ago we sat and discussed how we would survive. Since then we have purchased a nice supply of Wise products. Personally, we were not in an emergency situation but what we did was go to our supply and donate to a family who had lost their home when unemployment

Nancy, WV

“Last year we had a terrible storm come through our state. The destruction it caused was state wide and was felt by everyone in one form or another. As we ran for safety into our home the lights flickered and went out. We had no way of knowing that this was going to be our

Trent, NJ

“After Hurricane Sandy hit, our home lost power for 5 days. We had Wise emergency food, clean pots and pans and a fireplace with plenty of max logs. We were put into a situation where we needed to use the rations of food that we had purchased from Wise Company. Surprisingly, they were very easy

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