Our Favorite Prepper Infographics

Our Favorite Prepper Infographics

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 1.46.29 PMWe love infographics because, like you, we’re busy. Infographics are terrific as they get right to the point by distilling information into an easy-to-absorb format, like this one from REI on how to choose a backpack.

Below are some of our favorite infographics for Preppers (click each image to see the full infographic). For a steady stream of helpful infographics, be sure to follow the Wise Infographics Board on Pinterest.

How to Survive in Your Home

Do It Yourself Disaster Survival

Build a Cold Weather Debris Shelter

Deadliest Natural Disasters for Homeowners

Will You Survive Doomsday?

Urban Chickens

Botanical Herbs in Today’s Medicine

Using Your Car to Survive a Natural Disaster

Do you know some other good infographics for Preppers that we should feature? Post a comment here or post link on the Wise Facebook page.


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