How to Involve Your Children in Emergency Planning

It is important to involve children in emergency planning, so that if one occurs, they may be less frightened and can help. A good way to start is to teach your child the difference between an emergency and a problem. Experts suggest telling young children that an emergency is an unusual event that may cause damage to things like houses and cars, and also may hurt people. A simple explanation for natural disasters such as a tornado is to […]

How to Make DIY Waterproof Matches

Since the beginning of humankind, fire starters have been the most essential tool a human could possess for survival. Back then, there was no such thing as a commercial match. However, a match similar to what we know today was mentioned in a book entitled Records of the Unworldly and the Strange, published many centuries ago in 950 AD.
If there occurs an emergency at night it may take some time to make a light to light a lamp. But […]

Five Clever Survival Uses for Tin Cans

Empty tin cans can prove very useful when you find yourself in survival mode. Here are a few simple suggestions for transforming tin cans into practical tools.

Light source: A tin can is easily repurposed into a light source by punching holes in the sides and placing a candle inside. This will yield a softer source of light and is safer than using a candle alone. You can also skip punching holes in the can, pour oil into it, and […]

How to Make DIY Emergency Candle Kits

Power outages are a common occurrence, whether they are caused by severe weather, utility companies cutting lines during construction, or heat-related power glitches. Candles are one of the basic items you should have in an emergency kit. Purchasing large, long-lasting candles can be quite an expensive undertaking. But with a few simple ingredients and resourcefulness, you can make your own candles for a fraction of the cost. Some of these don’t even require burning anything at all.
Five Simple Methods […]

Emergency Preparation Tips for Pet Owners

Your English Bulldog Rocky and Persian cat Chloe are adored and treated like members of your household. But have you considered how you would protect them if disaster struck, such as a fire, flooding, earthquake, or hurricane? So how can you prepare for worst-case scenarios and protect your beloved pets? It is important to put together a preparedness plan for your pets at the same time that you create one for your family.
Many experts suggest that cats or dogs […]

Being Prepared: From the Essential to the Miscellaneous

You should never assume that somebody else is going to step in and rescue you during an emergency. Being prepared for a disaster involves spending time well in advance on the obvious, but also giving consideration to tasks and items you might file under miscellaneous.
Store Adequate Food and Water: If you lose power for more than two hours, food inside your refrigerator will start to spoil. You should store an adequate amount of nonperishable food to last three days, […]

Summer Weather Readiness Plan

Released in 1939, The Wizard of Oz takes place in a sepia-toned, tornado-ridden Kansas in the early 1900s. Kansas is very prone to tornadoes and 11 years before the movie was released, a tornado in that state plucked the feathers right off some chickens. For those who have never experienced a tornado firsthand, the media may be your only reference point. This can run the gamut from fictionalized movies like The Wizard of Oz and Twister—to news accounts that […]

Winter Weather Readiness Plan

Taking preventive steps is the best defense when dealing with extreme cold-weather conditions. You need to prepare before, during, and after a storm. It is important to understand that prolonged exposure to extremely cold temperatures can result in hypothermia, frostbite, and tragically, even death. Keep in mind that older people are more susceptible to health problems caused by exposure to cold weather. When winter weather makes it dangerous to go out, stocking up on staples such as food, water, […]

Emergency Preparedness Plan for Seniors

Although it is wise for people of all ages to have emergency preparation plans in place, many seniors have additional needs and are especially vulnerable to natural disasters. This is true whether someone lives at home or in a nursing home. A case in point is Hurricane Sandy, in which half of the victims were over the age of 65; and Hurricane Katrina, where the number of victims in this age demographic exceeded 70 percent. The many sad stories […]

Emergency Preparedness Plan for Infants and Young Children

Early childhood experts have long touted the benefit of breastfeeding, but there is an added bonus. During disasters, breast milk can make the difference between life and death for infants. In emergency situations, there may be no access to clean drinking water and therefore no way to properly sterilize baby bottles, formula, and feeding utensils. The cleanest, safest food for an infant in disasters or emergencies is human breast milk. It is nutritionally perfect; readily available without dependence on […]