“I have had to use my emergency food storage during a layoff. Because of that experience I chose to augment my food storage with Wise food products. Wise Foods are complete and convenient with an extended shelf life. Rotation of food has always been problematic for me and I hate wasting food. When I consider buying food that goes to waste, then buying more to replace it, having long term Wise Food storage actually ends up being less expensive. I know when I need my food it will still be good, and good tasting. Peace of mind!
I love having it on hand when going on a backpack trip — the food is so lightweight. All I need to do is use my water filter and get water from almost any source, heat and eat right out of the bag. No bulky or heavy trash to carry out.
Great for 72 hour kits or small preparedness kits for the car or office. Just throw a few of these in the back of your desk then when you have to work late or forgot to take your lunch just break out one of these delicious meals. It is less expensive than going to a fast food place and better for you too! Peace of mind!
Since most of my children are married I have been giving them preparedness items for Christmas. Some of them were not excited about our choice of gifts. I explained that when they were fully prepared we would stop giving them preparedness items. We recently bought them Wise Food products and I think that is one of the gifts they liked the best. I have peace of mind knowing my children and grandchildren are a little better prepared.
Having peace of mind, knowing that I am prepared to take care of my family when the time comes…. is absolutely priceless.”

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