Scott, MA

“Two back to back events proved that planning and preparation goes a long way to ensure your family is not only safe, but relatively happy during difficult times. In the Northeast we are usually good with snow storms, but a hurricane followed a few weeks later by a very early snow storm was unusual.
First, Irene paid us a visit knocking out our power for 4 days, then about a month later we got hit with an October snow storm that left almost a foot of snow and knocked out power for 4 more days.

Like others we had a generator to power the essentials for the house. Most of my neighbors thought that was enough, with power from the generator you keep everything in your fridge safe. However, when the power outage is large enough, groceries stores and gas stations can’t open either. As they were dealing with that, we simply switched to our Wise Company freeze dried and dehydrated foods. My wife and I felt great that we had prepared for this event and honestly our kids thought it was more fun than anything else. Never once did we think we would have to consider eating just for calories, nor jumping in the car in hopes of finding more food or standing in lines.

To quote my 10 year old, “I know we are prepared, I’m not worried”. Watching what some of the other parents had to deal with from an emotional aspect with their kids, I once again enjoyed the peace of mind we had from planning”.

Scott, MA

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