Shannon, PA

“I have a small supply of Wise Company food on hand, I purchase 3 day kits when I can afford to and keep them in backpacks filled with other emergency supplies for “just in case” situations .

In October 2012 hurricane Sandy hit the east coast I thought I was in a good spot and safe in the Pocono mountains but the winds hit us hard. A ton of trees went down in my area cutting off the power and the roads for almost 5 days. I was home alone 3 months pregnant and with my 2 young children ages 2, and 6. I was very glad I had planned ahead with only a small grill I was able to make Wise meals into food for me and my kids. My picky kids loved the macaroni and cheese and other Wise meals. They were easy to prepare and tasted good which is important with young children. It was a scary experience but I am sure glad I had Wise emergency supplies on hand.

Shannon, PA

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