Steven, CA

“I live in the urban megalopolis known as the greater Los Angeles area. The reason that I have stored up the Wise food products is that we have the threat of earthquakes. I can’t begin to tell the number of times I have experienced earthquakes of one magnitude or another over the years.

You may know that this area of California has over 20 million people living in it, and it is those kinds of numbers that got me to thinking. If the “Big One” hit today, virtually all services have the potential to be closed down for a protracted period of time. The supermarket shelves would be empty within hours and then closed for days and quite possibly for much longer. I needed to be prepared.

There is a tendency to think that widespread disasters only happen somewhere else, but the potential for catastrophe is here and now. I would be WISE to be prepared for any eventuality!”
Steven, CA

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