Trent, NJ

“After Hurricane Sandy hit, our home lost power for 5 days. We had Wise emergency food, clean pots and pans and a fireplace with plenty of max logs. We were put into a situation where we needed to use the rations of food that we had purchased from Wise Company.

Surprisingly, they were very easy to prepare. We heated water over the fire until it boiled. At this point we took the pot out of the fire and poured the Wise meal into the water. After a few minutes we had a fabulous candle light dinner and repeated as needed for the 5 days that we were out of power. If it was not for the food from Wise Company we probably would have starved as during this time we could not even bathe properly. Thanks for the great emergency food and we look forwarding to having a few meals the next time there is an emergency like Hurricane Sandy.”

Trent, NJ

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