William, MI

“Last year, we had a weather anomaly here in Southwestern Michigan, knocking out electrical power for more than three days. In the last several years, I have purchased numerous emergency food buckets from Wise Company for just such an occurrence or the possibility of another massive terrorist attack. It was going into winter, cold and windy following the storm that damaged electrical equipment.

I bought a single burner camping stove and boiling a half-gallon of water to prepare Wise Company emergency foods was a breeze. Though I have canned veggies on hand, we needed more substantial, more nutritious meals. The Wise Company meal packets were not only filling and enough to satisfy our appetites, they were very tasty as well. Boil the water, open the packet, pour water in, and wait a minute or so for a delicious meal. We were not at all disappointed with the quality of the meals. This 72 hour “emergency” was perfect as a rehearsal for a potential long-term disaster.

If things REALLY get dicey via terrorism or Mother Nature, we have sufficient Wise Company meal buckets to hold out for an entire year and be just fine nutritionally. Your products are excellent in quality and well worth the prices which we felt were more than fair.”

William, MI

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