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Freeze Dried Meats

Assorted high-protein, seasoned freeze-dried meats – with bonus servings of long-term rice!

Freeze Dried Vegetables

Premium vegetables and gourmet complimentary cheese, cream, mushroom and butter sauces.

Freeze Dried Fruits

Fruits and gourmet yogurt, pudding and caramel sauces made for optimum flavor and nutritional content


Milk food products that help complete long-term food storage supplies

Eating a balanced diet is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. While emergency preparedness is crucial, Wise Company understands that it’s also important that all of our food items are nutritious and filling too. That’s why we carry a line of long-term freeze-dried foods, ranging from freeze-dried meats to freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, so that our customers can not only purchase foods designed to last for decades, but that they can also acquire foods that satisfy all of their daily nutritional requirements easily too. Our dry-food storage goods are sealed in special pouches and stackable buckets so that the food items can last for up to 25 years. The freeze-dried items are also easily prepared by simply adding water, and the meats and veggies can be quickly added to other dishes as well. The freeze-dried foods are available based on serving size, as customers can purchase anywhere from 60 servings to 1,080 servings of freeze-dried meats, veggies and fruits. Wise Company offers a line of “customer declared” dairy products, which includes delicious powdered eggs and long-term powdered whey milk—these dairy products will help to round out any emergency diet. With our line of freeze-dried foods and dry-food storage goods, you and your loved ones will have everything you could possibly need to overcome any emergency event.

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