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1 Month Food Supply

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  1. 1 Month Emergency Supply of Food and Drinks

    This box includes 112 total servings of entrees, breakfasts, sides, and drinks. See the description below for details.
  2. 56 Servings of Wise Emergency Food Supply

    Includes 7 entrees and 3 breakfasts for a total of 56 servings.

  3. 92 Serving Breakfast Bucket

    This bucket includes 92 servings of breakfast survival foods including new egg scramble and pancake recipes.

    Special introductory pricing - the more you buy, the more you save! Buy 1-3 buckets and save 10% Buy 4-6 buckets and save 15% Buy 7-9 buckets and save 20% Buy 10+ buckets and save 25% Discount automatically applied. No coupon code needed. Offer ends Monday, January 16th.
  4. 84 Serving Emergency Breakfast and Entree Kit

    56 entrée servings and 28 breakfast servings.
  5. 84 Serving Emergency Food Kit - Gluten Free

    Introducing our all new Gluten FREE Entrée Bucket. You can also try our other Gluten Free products in the Related Products section below to complement your Entrée bucket.
  6. 120 Serving Emergency Breakfast Kit

    This bucket includes 120 servings of breakfast survival foods. No entrees.
  7. 120 Servings of Wise Emergency Survival Food Entrees

    120 servings of emergency food entrees packaged in 4 serving pouches.
  8. Gluten-free Basic Bundle Kit

    84 servings of gluten-free breakfast and entrees plus 120 servings of milk

    Regular Price: $284.99

    Special Price: $279.99

  9. 240 Serving Package of Long Term Emergency Food Supply

    This package includes one 120 serving bucket of emergency food entrees as well as one 120 serving bucket of our breakfasts. All of the food is packaged in 4 serving pouches and comes in these sturdy buckets that are easy to store and quickly grab and go if needed.

    Regular Price: $559.99

    Special Price: $499.99

Set Descending Direction


Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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