10 Evacuation Essentials for Pets

10 Evacuation Essentials for Pets

If you’re evacuating with pets, be sure to have their supplies ready to go. Never leave your pets behind, no matter how briefly you think you’ll be gone. In fact, because of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, in some states, owners who leave their pets behind during a disaster can be charged with criminal abandonment. But even when you take your pet along, because of stress and chaos the possibility greatly increases you and your pet could become separated. That’s why, if you haven’t already, now is the time to microchip your pet so you’re easily reunited if you do become separated. A microchip also lets shelter workers know the pet has an owner who is looking for them. This can often save a pet’s life if the pet is injured or the shelter is overwhelmed.

The Red Cross recommends using an old suitcase or duffle to keep emergency pet supplies together. Below are lists of essential items to keep in your pet’s “bug-out” bag:


  1. Cat carrier lined with old towel
  2. Litter box, litter and scoop
  3. Roll of small garbage bags for disposing of waste
  4. One week supply of food and water
  5. Medicine
  6. Collar with owners name, address and cell phone number
  7. Dustpan and brush
  8. Rubber gloves
  9. Printed photos of pet
  10. Toys and treats
  11. Brush
  12. Harness (Even if your cat has never used one, it may be their only way to safely get your cat out of the crate in an emergency shelter.)
  13. Proof of vaccinations
  14. Pet first aid kit
  15. Feliway pheromone spray. This product mimics a cat’s natural facial pheromones, which significantly reduces the stress caused by a change in their environment.


  1. Leash and collar with owners name, address and cell phone number
  2. Waste disposal bags
  3. Rubber gloves
  4. Toys
  5. One week supply of food and water
  6. Medicine, including flea and heartworm preventative
  7. Proof of vaccinations
  8. Pet first aid kit
  9. Chamomile calming treats
  10. Printed photos of pet
  11. Brush
  12. Bed

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