16 Prepper Gifts for the Holiday Season

16 Prepper Gifts for the Holiday Season

Another Holiday Season is officially upon us! And with it, the tradition of gift-giving. While a lot of people load up on plastic trinkets and dollar store novelty items, for preparedness-minded folks, this is one more great opportunity to stock up on some supplies that matter.

So, whether you’re on the giving or receiving side of the equation this season, here are some great ideas of things that any prepper would be thrilled to get!

1 Week of Emergency Food

One of the biggest pieces of the preparedness equation is having emergency food, and storing 1-2 weeks of easy-to-prepare entrees is a great way to get started. Why? These meals are PERFECT for your family’s bug out bags. Simply add hot water to the contents of the pouch, and you’re done. They are extremely light, and take up hardly any room in your bag.

Aquamira Frontier Pro Water Filter

This inexpensive filter gets my award for versatility. Its threaded end allows it to screw directly on to a water bottle, hose bib, hot water heater and more. If that’s not what you’re looking for, it also works with your Camelback hose, gravity fed water storage bladders, and even has a straw attachment that allows you to drink directly from a river or other source of your choosing.

Encrypted Thumb Drive

This may be the gift of gifts for the true modern survivalist. In a world that runs on information, an encrypted thumb drive keeps yours safe and constantly at your fingertips. Information stored on these drives are encrypted, so that nobody goes where nobody ain’t supposed to. Best of all, they hook right on your keychain as part of your “everyday carry”, so you’re never far from it. Perfect for the storage and quick access of:

  • Birth certificates
  • CC info
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Insurance documents
  • Passwords
  • Scans of Social Security Cards
  • Medical records House title and mortgage info

Mr. Heater Indoor Safe Propane Heater

For millions of people living in this world, proper protection from the elements is the difference between sleeping comfortably and hypothermia-every single night. And while I feel that the best backup heat source is an in-home wood stove, a lot of people might not have that option. Give yourself a backup plan with the Buddy, by Mr. Heater. This indoor-safe portable heating solution runs on simple propane cans. Perfect for vehicles too!

Cobra 800 Watt Car Inverter

A car inverter like this is inexpensive, and can power the critical components of your home as long as your vehicle has gas in the tank. Simply attach it to the battery terminals, and draw the wattage you need. The load is obviously limited, and as I say, you’re not going to be able to power a rock concert with it, but at 800 Watts, it will give you lights, radio, tv, computers, and possibly a microwave or refrigerator at least intermittently. Well worth it.

Water BOB

The Water BOB is a great prep for last minute water storage. With just a few minutes notice, the Water BOB can be deployed in your bathtub and filled with potable water. While you may not always have the luxury of a few extra minutes, it doesn’t hurt to keep one or 2 of these on hand for your bathtubs. Holds 100 gallons.

Sabre Red Pepper Spray

Even though some guys think pepper spray is strictly a “chick prep”, it’s not! Get this stuff. In many cases, it’s the best legal implement that you can use to protect yourself. Although it’s not a replacement for a firearm, it’s the perfect compliment. It’s small, it’s inexpensive, and incredibly effective at close distances. Great for warding off animal attacks as well. Don’t be too much of a “tough guy” to consider pepper spray in your preps!

Modern Homesteading: Rediscovering The American Dream

The message of this book is that anyone can homestead. Even if you live in the city, have a 9-5 job, are low on funds, or haven’t grown up with a tremendous amount of “hands-on” skill, there is still a version of homesteading that fits your situation. Written by the YouTube-famous “Wranglerstar” couple, this book gives readers an up close and personal look at exactly what their family went through in their journey towards self-sufficient homesteading. At the end of each chapter, there are also a few pages of what they call “Wisdom From the Journey”, as well as explanations of practical, hands-on skills. This creates the perfect balance between narrative and How-To. Extremely inspirational.

Emberlit Stove

The Emberlit Stove makes an awesome prep (and a great piece of gear for trail enthusiasts too). Durable and lightweight, it’s completely collapsible, and can turn any fuel into a focused, controlled cook fire in its small firebox. So that could mean a fuel tablet, or sticks that you find laying around. Simply snap the pieces together, light your fire, and feed it from one side to the other.

Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus

If you haven’t seen these guys yet, you owe yourself a look. Goal Zero makes a wide assortment of solar panels and storage batteries that are perfect for the prepper in your life. From small and portable kits for your bug out bag, to emergency home backup systems like the Yeti 1250, there’s a solution that makes sense for every situation. Perfect for:

  • Flashlights
  • HAM radios
  • GPS units
  • Emergency beacons
  • Cell phones
  • iPods
  • Laptops

Growing Your Own Groceries Video Course

This course is not some pretty little, color-corrected, feel-good training. It’s not about growing ornamentals or making your yard look like something from Better Homes and Gardens. What it is however, is a raw and EXTREMELY real look at what it’s like to produce the calories your family needs. You’re going to see weeds, poop, and even a rabbit killed and butchered right before you on camera. I purchased this in the summer of 2015, and even as somebody who has gardened for multiple years and is a certified permaculture designer, I still got a lot out of it. Highly recommended.

Big Berkey Water Filter

The Berkey line of water filters are legendary for their ability to filter out all kinds of impurities and toxins. My wife and I got ours at the beginning of 2015, and have used it for everything since then. In addition to getting our drinking water from it, we’ve used it to make ice, to make baby bottles, in cooking, watering the dog and more! Our household has 2 adults and 2 small children, and we end up filling it roughly every 2 days. If your household is any bigger, I would definitely recommend getting the next size up, which is the Royal Berkey.

The Flow Hive

The Flow Hive was introduced to the world in the spring of 2014, and revolutionized the beekeeping world. This well-thought out hive allows the beekeeper to monitor the activity, health, and honey production of the hive without disturbing them. And even better, it also allows you to extract honey by the turn of a “tap.” No more smokers, spinners, mess, and all day honey ventures. See the video of how it works here.

BioLite Stove

the BioLite stove is a thermoelectric camp stove that can be used to power USB connected devices while it’s warming your hands and cooking your food. The great thing about BioLite is that it doesn’t take any fancy fuel, it can be powered with just twigs and sticks that you find on the ground around you. No need to carry special tablets or canisters with you.

The Excalibur Dehydrator

This puppy isn’t cheap, but it is by far the Rolls Royce of food dehydrators. Quick and even drying, it can handle vegetables, herbs, or meat. It can also be used to dry pasta, make yogurt, cheese, dry nuts, or raise bread. If you are serious about food preservation, this is a quintessential tool in your toolbox.

Tactical Bacon

And finally, last but not least, it’s important to remember that fighting the bad guys takes energy, so stack the cards in your favor with this breakfast of champs! A few cans of Tactical should fit the bill nicely, and makes the perfect stocking stuffer for preppers. Open and serve (hint: Sharing is annoying. Think-6 is 1 and 3 is none. You know the drill).

Well, there you have it-16 great gift ideas for the prepper in your life. Hopefully, they help you with your gift giving this season, and even more importantly, hopefully they set the stage for a year of preparedness in 2016.

For even more ideas for prepper gifts, check out the complete guide on The Daily Prep.

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