6 Things to Upcycle Now

6 Things to Upcycle Now

While “recycling” means reclaiming materials to make something entirely new, “upcycling “ means converting something you were going to throw away into something new and useful. Upcycling projects are a great way to practice seeing everyday objects in a new light and to get your mind thinking about ways to make the most of what you have in difficult situations. To inspire you, here are 6 of our favorite upcycling ideas:

 1. Umbrellas into Trellises

Patio umbrellas never seem to last very long. Whether a strong gust took yours out or the fabric is dirty or faded from use, you can repurpose your broken umbrella into a functional tomato trellis.


Courtesy dirtdujour.com

2. T-shirts into “Yarn”

Cut cotton t-shirts into thin strips, wind into a ball and use to knit or crochet soft, warm, durable rugs or bags (we think everyone who is “prepper” minded should know how to knit or crochet!).

3Courtesy diyadventures.com

3. Dishwasher Racks into Underbed Storage Containers

The insides of old dishwashers hold endless storage possibilities. Use the rolling racks as underbed storage and the utensil caddies to organize art supplies, garden tools or cleaning supplies.

4 Courtesy of familyhandyman.com

 4. Filing Cabinets into Planters

Old metal filing cabinets are a dime a dozen at salvage stores. Give one a coat of spray paint, drill holes in the bottom for drainage and you’ll have an instant planter with a modern edge.

 5Courtesy of babble.com

 5. Plastic Clam Shells into Mini Greenhouses

Save those salad containers and toilet paper tubes! When it’s time to start seeds, fill the tubes with potting soil, add seeds, sprinkle with water, close up the clam shell and place in a warm, light place. Your seedlings will self-water and will be easy to move outside when it’s time to harden off and plant.


Courtesy of intuitionphysician.com

6. CD Towers into Storage Racks

CDs have nearly become a thing of the past, though many of us had stacks and stacks of CDs and lots of nifty CD holders. If you’ve converted to digital and are wondering what to do with your old CD racks, give them a coat of paint and mount them sideways in a bathroom, office or closet for streamlined organization.


 Courtesy of itsybitsandpieces.blogspot.com

 Try a few upcycling projects and you’ll soon get the hang of seeing the potential in all kinds of cast offs!

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