Beyond S’Mores: Sweet Treats to Cook on the Campfire


Beyond S’Mores: Sweet Treats to Cook on the Campfire

Yes, it’s true that s’mores are the perfect campfire treat, and in fact, have been enjoyed by millions of campers since 1927. There are many variations, but basic s’mores consist of roasted marshmallows and chocolate between graham crackers. You don’t need to stick to the classic recipe – but marshmallows still are a key ingredient in many campfire treats because they are delicious when roasted. If you are looking for something a little more adventurous, try one of these delectable sweet treats the next time you go camping – even if it’s in your own backyard.

Campfire Banana Boats

For this recipe, you’ll need to place a grate over the campfire or use a small camping grill. Of course, marshmallows and chocolate are in this one, but bananas are a healthy alternative to cookies. This easy-to-make recipe is a single-serving, so simply duplicate for each person in your camping party.


  • 1 banana, unpeeled
  • 1-2 tsp semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1-2 tsp miniature marshmallows
  • 1-2 tsp brown sugar


  1. Slit each banana lengthwise, but not all the way through.
  2. Do not peel or remove the skin.
  3. Fill the slit with 1-2 teaspoons each of the marshmallows and chocolate chips.
  4. Sprinkle lightly with brown sugar.
  5. Wrap tightly in foil, making sure both ends are sealed.
  6. Place wrapped banana on grill, seam side up over campfire or coals.
  7. Cook for about seven minutes.

Cinnamon Biscuit on a Stick

This is a tasty treat to prepare and is perfect for breakfast, an afternoon snack, or dinner dessert. If you use sticks found at the campsite, make sure you clean them first. You’ll need long sticks and a fire with a lot of coals and small flames.


  • 1 package refrigerated biscuits
  • Butter Sugar and cinnamon mix
  • Sticks


  1. Open the biscuits one at a time.
  2. Stretch the dough out so it is skinny and long.
  3. Wrap the dough around a clean stick by spiraling it from the top and working your way down. The thinner the biscuit is on the stick, the quicker the inside will cook, preventing the outside from getting burned.
  4. Cook until golden brown.
  5. Roll it in softened butter and sprinkle a combination of sugar and cinnamon over it.

Peach Cobbler

This is a convenient, easy recipe to make and does not require any refrigerated ingredients. You can cook it right in the can, which is true campfire style. Bisquick comes in gluten-free varieties, so if somebody in your party has celiac disease, they can still enjoy this delicious treat.  


  • Large can of sliced peaches (heavy syrup)
  • Bisquick – regular or gluten-free


  1. Drain off syrup, but save1/4 cup.
  2. Mix the 1/4 cup of syrup with Bisquick until it forms a batter type consistency.
  3. Pour batter over sliced peaches in the can and place lid over mix.
  4. Set can into hot coals and cook until flour has formed hard dumplings.
  5. Empty cobbler into small bowls or eat right out of the can, once it has cooled.

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