DIY Vegetable Washes

DIY Vegetable Washes

Have you ever tried using a vegetable wash to clean your produce? It’s always important to wash your produce before you eat it, and most people simply choose to wash their produce with a bit of water. However, you can also use a vegetable wash (most washes feature natural cleaning agents like citrus or coconut) to ensure that your veggies are extra clean before you eat them—a good wash should remove dirt, pesticides, and small insects, and it should also act as a natural preservative too. While you can always purchase veggie wash at your local supermarket, you can actually make your own DIY veggie wash at home. Here’s a how-to guide, courtesy of

You can either soak or spray your produce with a veggie wash. For the spray, you’ll need some lemon juice, baking soda and a cup of water. You can combine all of the ingredients into a spray bottle, and then completely cover the veggies with the wash. Let the mix sit on the veggies for about five minutes, and then rinse them off. For the soak mix, you’ll need to fill your sink (after cleaning it, of course) with cold water, vinegar and salt. Mix everything with your hands (gently), and then let the produce sit in the sink for roughly 30 minutes. The salt and vinegar will help to preserve the produce, and they’ll also help to clean and remove any small bugs. Rinse off the produce once you’re done.

Trying to increase the shelf life of your produce is important. If your home happens to lose power—say during a natural disaster or emergency event—your produce will be the first food items to spoil quickly. Therefore, by preparing in advance, you can ensure that your family has access to healthy fruits and veggies that can last for longer than usual.


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