Eating an Elephant

Eating an Elephant

Around this time every year many of us get invited to a White Elephant holiday party. At these parties everyone brings a fairly inexpensive gift, and all of the wrapped gifts are piled on a table and everyone takes a turn picking a gift from the pile. When it’s your turn you can pick a new gift or “steal” one from someone who’s already opened his or hers.

There is an art to this, you see – this is very important. White Elephant Party

The real winner is not the person who goes home with the best gift; it’s the person who brought the gift that everyone fights over.

We love to throw our Wise Food Storage Sampler Kit of freeze dried foods into the mix and watch the under-handed scheming and merriment begin. It’s under $25, practical and unexpected. Nobody wants to go home with a rubber chicken or a calendar featuring 2012’s cutest kittens. They want the food! People are either curious to see what gourmet ready-made meals taste like or they already know and they want them for their next camping trip – or to stash in the pantry for a winter storm or even add to their existing emergency food storage.

Be warned, at white elephant parties, you can’t take home your own present so you just might want to order one for yourself!

Image Credit: Nancy Dorsner

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