How to Extend Your Radio’s Signal

How to Extend Your Radio’s Signal

Every emergency kit should feature at least one basic communication tool. From signal mirrors to cellphones, it’s important to have at least one tool that can help you to communicate with others in the event that you’re stranded or in need of assistance. Radios, like basic two-way units, are especially popular with “preppers.” A small group of individuals can use some basic two-way radios to stay in touch with one another over a short distance, and other units can be adjusted so the user can communicate with other radios on distress frequencies. Unfortunately, many short-wave radios have a pretty limited range, so they can only be used in certain, short-distance situations. But is there a way to extend your radio’s signal?

According to Code Green Prep, by attaching a length of wire to your radio’s antenna, you can effectively double your radio’s overall range. Code Green notes that you simply have to make an electrical connection by removing the insulation off of the end of a 6.5-inch wire and then attaching it to at least two-extender wires by twisting them together. Then, finally, take those connected wires and attach it to the fixed antenna. You can attach the wires to the antenna by removing its screws and directly attaching the wiring to its ground. The site notes that it will take a bit of trial and error to get right, but with a little bit of time, the ask can be accomplished rather easily. For a detailed walkthrough, head on over to Code Green Prep.

While tinkering with your radio to increase its effectiveness is a good idea, it’s important to remember that you should concentrate primarily on building out a basic emergency kit first. Once you have the basics—such as dehydrated meals, water, cookware, toiletries, medical supplies and clothing—all packed away in an easy-to-store kit, then feel free to tinker with your communication tools. Also, keep in mind that if you need to evacuate, you should be able to grab at least a few key components of your emergency kit on the fly. You can buy emergency kits that are packed away within durable backpacks, or you can store parts of your emergency kit in your car. Whatever you end up doing, remember that by preparing in advance, you’re helping to boost you and your family’s chances of surviving a natural disaster or emergency event.


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