Dig into Your Stash: Fast Meal Foundations for Summer

Dig into Your Stash: Fast Meal Foundations for Summer

It used to be that dehydrated meals were strictly for emergencies or for use in the field by the armed services. Army green boxes of dehydrated food or envelopes of “heat and eat” dinners were bland at best and mysterious at worst. Fortunately for the rest of us, advancements in science and technology often move rapidly when it comes to the needs of the armed forces. NASA and the military have been hard at work on techniques to preserve food so taste and nutrition remain intact, translating to meals that are a long way from field MREs.

In fact, many people are taking advantage of the ease of dehydrated meals on busy weeknights when there just isn’t time to cook. We love hearing from you how Wise gourmet entrees are making life a little easier this summer! It seems like schedules should slow down this time of year, but the opposite can be true. Kids scatter to friends’ houses, day camps or travel sport leagues and everyone lingers on the patio a little longer. We hear you: nobody wants to be trapped in the kitchen preparing a complex meal while there are fireflies to catch and sunsets to watch. Summer is the perfect time for easy, fast meals that fit a variety of schedules. Boil some water, then add a plate of homegrown tomatoes or lightly steamed vegetables from your garden and you’ve got a quick, healthy summer evening meal.

Recently we’ve heard from people who use our meals the night before vacation: the kitchen is cleaned up, the fridge is cleaned out and a fast, non-messy, simple meal is in order. Dehydrated meals are also useful on the night you get back from vacation – you can’t face another restaurant meal, nobody wants to go to the grocery, the fridge is empty and everyone just wants to eat something quick and collapse into bed.

Another great fast foundation suggestion: helping differently-abled family members remain independent. If your aging or physically challenged loved one can safely boil water, they can prepare tasty dinners themselves with minimal effort. Frozen steam-in-bag vegetables (some have sauces) mean good nutrition, endless variety and easy prep and clean up. Fruits that are easy to peel, like bananas, or don’t require peeling, like apples, are also good additions to a gourmet dehydrated entrée.

Here’s one more clever fast foundation idea from one of our readers: stash a couple of cook-in-the-pouch meals in your carry on and you’ll be able to avoid terrible airport food and mysterious airplane entrees. Again, grab a piece of fresh fruit and a cup of hot water from a coffee cart and you’re no longer at the mercy of highly inflated airport prices.

Dehydrated food has come a long way since it’s Army days – today recipes are prepared by world-renowned chefs and preservation technology is courtesy of NASA scientists, making emergency meals a good choice for any occasion. Whether you want to stay outside a little longer, make vacation travel easier or help a loved one stay independent, feel free to dig into your emergency stash this summer.

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