Fishing with Your Kids: The Ultimate Bonding Activity

Fishing with Your Kids: The Ultimate Bonding Activity

Teaching your children to fish is one of the most rewarding ways you can spend time with them. But if you want your child to have fun, you’ll need to make sure that he or she gets a taste of sweet fishing success. And in this context, success means a photo of a fish on a hook with a grinning youngster in the background.

Fortunately, this is easier than you may suspect.

Aside from using age- and size-appropriate rods, reels and tackle, selecting the right location is one of the most important strategies for success. You want to go somewhere that allows the kids to fish comfortably, without having to avoid overhanging trees or balance upon precarious rocks. A boat dock or a beach-like shoreline is perfect. You can teach kids to fish from a boat, but you’ll want another adult to pilot the craft while you focus on the kids and the fish.

You also want to target bluegills, catfish or other species that aren’t as finicky as bass or trout are, and you’ll want to do so with a simple worm-hook-bobber rig (swap out worm for cricket, corn, doughball, mealworm or hotdog slice as you like). The rest comes down to patience, practice and perseverance.

If you’d like to learn some more strategies for ensuring success on your first fishing trip with the kids, check out Outdoor Empire’s comprehensive review of the topic.

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