Food Storage and Preparing for Disasters – Back to Basics

Food Storage and Preparing for Disasters – Back to Basics

It’s the start of a new year and a time when many of us make plans for the coming year and beyond. Last year brought increasing media coverage about people and families who are very serious about being prepared for emergencies, people affectionately referred to as “Preppers”.

At Wise Company, we have all kinds of customers. On one end of the spectrum, some of our customers are interested in the ability to live a quality life off the grid by choice or in the event of a major catastrophic event. Some families want to be prepared for a temporary or permanent change in their way of life. Some keep our emergency food in stock because they’re aware of how fickle growing seasons can be or how weather can wipe out a farm’s livestock or crops for the entire year. Since our products have a 25-year shelf life you have absolutely nothing to lose by thinking worst-case and long term.

However, some of our customers are on the other end of the “Prepper” spectrum. For example, one of our customers is an off-shore fisherman who keeps Wise Emergency Food products on his boat in case he ends up stranded at sea for the hours or days it might take a tow boat to reach him. We have lots of hikers and campers on our customer list who not only enjoy our food but want a little extra food security when they’re out doing what they love to do. We have many, many customers in hurricane, tornado and winter storm zones that use our freeze-dried and dehydrated food to stay prepared for short and long term power outages.

In the past, emergency organizations recommended a three-day supply of food and water but each year we learn that even in the modern era power supplies can be interrupted for weeks, even in cities and urban areas. More than once during the past couple of years we’ve seen the unthinkable happen in major metropolitan areas

This post isn’t intended a commercial about our products; it’s a state-of-emergency-food world update from people who see disasters from a bird’s eye view, all day, every day. Recently we sent nearly 100,000 of our emergency meals to Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines, an example of a long-term emergency where public relief efforts are once again strained, limited or non-existent in some areas. On the other hand, we recently heard from a busy mom of four who dug into the family’s Wise Company emergency supply on a Wednesday night. She said she would have had to clone herself in order to cook dinner and get everyone where they needed to go that evening.  People use our dehydrated meals in true emergencies where lives are at stake and they use them in every day emergencies where sanity is at stake. Regardless, it makes sense to be prepared, both for life’s major catastrophes and those daily curve balls.

As we go into the new year, we’re planning posts about how you can start or continue to keep your family prepared for all kinds of emergencies. Our mission is to help people stay safe, healthy and maintain a quality of life no matter what happens in life or in the world. No matter where you are on the spectrum, whether you’re putting together a winter storm car safety kit or going off the grid – we’re here to help you get prepared. Toward that end, we’re constantly working on tasty nutritious recipes and keeping an eye on the best ultra-modern packaging that will help us keep our products light, easy to grab-and-go, easy to prepare, and reliable for long-term storage.

Stay tuned.

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