Time to Retire the Rice Cakes?

Time to Retire the Rice Cakes?

In 2006 a USA Today poll caused a stir when it revealed that the average lunch “hour” was not an hour at all but 42 minutes. In 2008, it was down to 35 minutes. In 2010, it was down to 29 minutes. A recent poll revealed that 76% of workers now say they take no break at all. Many said that lunch takes a backseat to meetings; some said they prefer to “graze” throughout the day instead of interrupting their momentum and some prefer to skip a lunch break in order to arrive late or leave early so they can drop off and pick up kids from school.

Whatever the cause, the lunch “hour” is endangered, if not on the brink of extinction. Still, skipping lunch all together can cause drastic dips in energy and blood sugar, which affect productivity. Skipping lunch can also lead to eating anything you can get your hands on as soon as you hit the kitchen at night. Which undermines that great American pastime:


80 million of us are doing it – in fact, we’ll spend billions of dollars on diet programs this year. Several of these programs work by delivering pre-made food in controlled portions to busy people who don’t like to cook but want to eat healthy food and lose weight. Though these programs take the guesswork out of meal planning, they cost around $600 per month, or around $7 per entrée. (Note that you have to add your own fresh fruits and vegetables.)

Why not use gourmet freeze-dried food to survive the 12-minute lunch “hour”, ease the burden of meal prep and take the guess work out of dieting? And the tastiest news of all: It could cost you as little as a third of what the national diet food programs cost!

Here’s an example of three balanced meals from freeze-dried Wise meals that come in around 500 calories each:

  • Breakfast – Crunchy granola (add 2% milk or low-fat yogurt)
  • Lunch – Tomato Basil Soup (add salad and low-fat dressing)
  • Dinner – Teriyaki & Rice (add roasted or steamed vegetables)

These three meals would cost you nearly $30 per day if you order them from a diet program. The three meals above cost under $10 a day, even adding in fresh vegetables and fruits. A variety of entrees, soups and breakfast choices are available so you won’t get bored and each packet costs a little more than $2.

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