Freeze-Dried Philanthropy

Freeze-Dried Philanthropy

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when we are conscious of our treasures.” – Thornton Wilder

May you live in interesting times.” – ancient curse

A lot of us are very good at disaster planning. We know how many calories every member of our family will need at every meal, we can cook anything over an open fire and know how to dig a latrine. We’re ready for the worst and if we’re being honest, we might even be a little bit excited if we finally get to use the generator.

However, while preparing for the worst it’s easy to forget how nice a normal, non-interesting day is. We take for granted simple comforts and conveniences like drinking water out right out of the tap or flushing a toilet or microwaving popcorn. It’s easy to forget that, no matter how prepared we are, a lights-out, long-term disaster is hard – and today, in all of its drudgery, still comes with all the conveniences and comforts that we would really miss.

We were reminded of this when one of our readers shared yet another excellent use for dehydrated food: One Friday night a month their family has family-style dehydrated meal dinner instead off going out for their usual weekend kickoff dinner of pizza and FroYo. They take the savings, which they calculate at around $40 every month for their family of five, and donate it to a local children’s hospital. Families that stay at the annex to the hospital stay for free thanks to donations, and it’s easy to imagine that they’d give anything for the kind of normal, non-interesting, non-emergency day that many of us enjoy on a regular basis.

We thought it was a very touching family ritual – and someone here mentioned it would be great for fundraiser parties. Instead of spending money to cater, why not serve inexpensive but tasty dehydrated entrees and donate the rest of the money to a local food bank or charity? What a great idea – and so many people are interested in sampling modern dehydrated meals that it would be a great conversation starter.

The other benefit this family gets from a regular rotation of dehydrated meals is that in a real emergency, the little ones are already familiar with their favorites – unfamiliar food-related meltdowns aren’t going to be a problem since everyone is already used to the drill.

The usefulness of dehydrated food goes far beyond emergencies these days and we love hearing how our customers and readers are taking advantage of the low cost, portability and easy clean up and preparation of Wise food. Thanks for sharing your stories and adventures with us. If you’ve got a story, be sure to share it with us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll pass it along.

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