Three Great Prepper Equipment Investments

Three Great Prepper Equipment Investments

It’s rewarding to see new Prepper products continually coming on the market. Not only does it mean that more and more people are paying attention, it means that engineers are busy designing great things for us. The first product that we love is only $25 and we think everyone ought to have one. These three items are investments but they promise long-term returns.

Rain Bladder Tanks

A water storage device made our Spring must-have list: The Rain Brothers Rain Bladder Tank. These things are for serious Preppers who are getting ready for total self-reliance. Rain Bladder Tanks are made from 40 mil flexible PVC sleeved in 18 oz. reinforced PVC. There are three sizes – 800 gallon, 2300 gallon and 3100 gallon. These bladders are large, but they’re flat so they’re perfect for crawl spaces or under decks. They aren’t cheap either – they range from $1600 to $2500, but a great long-term investment. Order from Rain Brothers.

Wood Fired Canning Stove

Arguably, preserving food is an important skill for self-reliance. Canning is a great way to preserve some types of foods that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to store. However, modern canning is done on electric or gas cooktops. How would you can food if that were no longer an option? The wood burning canner and cooker is made from stainless steel, lined with fire brick and holds about 38 quart jars. There is a built-in firebox beneath so it’s entirely self-contained. You can also use this stove for cooking other food and boiling water. About $900 from Antique Stoves.

Hideaway Greenhouse

Most Preppers could benefit from an extended growing season. This hideaway greenhouse comes in a kit and is easy to assemble and it doesn’t require a foundation or concrete pad like many greenhouse kits. The “windows” are sturdy 8-mm clear Polycarbonate, and baked aluminum frame. It’s designed to be a DIY project so you won’t need special skills or tools to put it together. Greenhouses can extend your regions growing season to all year for some plants – giving you a distinct advantage for self-reliance. At around $3000 this is also an investment item, but one that is well worth it.

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