How Much Do I Need to Store?

How Much Do I Need to Store?

Trying to figure out how much emergency food you need? We’ve got an easy online food storage calculator to share with you, but you’ll need to think through your food insurance plan a bit first.

  • How many people over 10 years old will you be feeding?
  • How many children under 10?
  • How many servings of freeze dried food per day do you want to plan for? Some families plan for 2 meals per day for reduced costs and storage space and some plan for 3 per day. If you have the space and budget we recommend planning for 3 servings per day per person, and not just because we sell survival food. In an emergency it’s likely you’ll end up with extended family, neighbors or unexpected guests in need – other mouths to feed in other words – and you don’t want to cut meals down to 1 per day.
  • How long of an emergency do you want to plan for?

Once you’ve thought through your plan, use the online food calculator to see how much emergency food you’ll need.

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