Wise Food Storage Blog

Laurie, WI

“I have budgeted for preparation products for years. After living through Hurricane Charley on Sanibel Island in 2004. We lost the roof and were months without power. Our relationship could not withstand the stress and the loss. I vowed I would never be caught in such a situation EVER again.

I moved from the Island to the mountains in TN when I started ordering from your company. I would buy what I could afford to add to my supplies on a semi regular basis. The new relationship I was in, thought I was CRAZY for spending all of my extra money on emergency supplies. He made fun of me behind my back, but I just kept adding. Not long after we were living there, the spring tornado outbreak happened that was in the National news. I once again found myself in the midst of a large scale power outage and my neighborhood destroyed around me. My partner no longer laughed at me, when I made Wise meals on my propane camp stove and every day with my old fashioned peculator, cowboy coffee pot. When he got his taxes back that year, he purchased one of your kits to give to me to replenish.

I later moved to Wisconsin where I grew up. My siblings, grown children, and parents all live here. In the middle of unpacking and in a snow storm I could not get out to the store for food to stock my new apartment.

You got me through some tough times and I am living proof as to just how MANY instances emergency food is JUST as necessary as any type of insurance anybody could own. It is my true feelings that anybody who does not have emergency supplies and food should”.

Laurie, WI