Lynn, Canada

Lynn, Canada

“On May 2, of this year…. at 3:45 pm {I won’t ever forget} I was hit by a truck while standing at a corner waiting for traffic to pass. I was with my bike (straddled between my legs) when I was hit on my left side. My leg was broken in three places as it was forced around the bars of the bike. I flew several feet and landed on my back in the middle of the intersection. The driver, who had not been watching where he was going, panicked and tried to get me to get up from the ground, by dragging/lifting me up by my arms. I was in agony. I highly recommend bike helmets. It saved my head/life. I am still waiting for surgery on my two displaced and torn knees. I was in a wheelchair and house bound until just recently. Rehabilitation will be a long road. I look forward to being able to run those 6 miles, or bike those 11 miles, I use to do daily. I am trying to just walk again.

A few weeks later, on June 19, our city was hit by the worst natural disaster in it’s history……in fact it’s been described as the worst in history! We were flooded and so were many surrounding towns and areas.
We are STILL going through the after effects of it. It will be a long time before life is back to normal for many people in this area. Thankfully our home was not flooded itself, but we have and are still learning all the domino effects any emergency and natural disaster can have on others.

Okay. So, what do these two incidences have to do with Wise Company Emergency Foods? Well, let me tell you. I am SO grateful that I had ordered some of Wise Company’s products a couple of years ago. I put it in our emergency evacuation supplies and hardly gave it a thought, other than “this will be great if we need it, but let’s hope we never have to evacuate”.

Little did I know that we wouldn’t need an evacuation to use them in!

When I was stuck at home, with no ability to walk, or drive…..let alone cook…….

And then when the floods hit……..and the stores were crazy with line ups, no water to be found on shelves…..and people waiting at gas pumps for long waits……..

It was a HUGE blessing to have Wise Company’s food packets right there in our home. My husband works two jobs. We are the parents of 6 kids, with two very busy teenagers still living at home. So it was so nice not to have to worry about dinner, for any of us. My two teens or husband could handle cooking GREAT quality suppers with ease and in no time at all…….just by simply using Wise Company’s convenient and delicious food packets.

Thank you Wise Company! I will certainly be restocking for the next possible emergency.”
Lynn, Canada

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