Wise Food Storage Blog

Nancy, WV

“Last year we had a terrible storm come through our state. The destruction it caused was state wide and was felt by everyone in one form or another. As we ran for safety into our home the lights flickered and went out. We had no way of knowing that this was going to be our lifestyle for the next few weeks. After turning on our battery radio we learned that it was a storm of huge proportions and hundreds of thousands were without electricity.
In the following days we would lose first electric and phone, then cell service, water and sewer. Hundreds stood in lines for gas for generators and for water and food handouts. The closest food line was 11 miles away. We were luckier than some because we had gas to cook with. We had a generator but couldn’t get gas for it and after a few days the food in our freezer was ruined.
Thank God we had our Wise Food buckets. We had a water well out back and the water was clean and useable. With the gas, our water from the well and Wise Company foods we managed quite well. My daughter, her friend and my grandson came to stay with us and with the freeze dried fruit, freeze dried vegetables and entree and meat bucket we ate like kings.
We even shared with friends that had nothing. For two weeks we lived off of the foods in our Wise buckets. If it weren’t for Wise my family would have been one of the hundreds standing in the food lines waiting for something to eat. Instead we had plenty and even shared with other friends and family. It was a blessing and Godsend. I will never ever regret the money I spent on those food buckets from Wise and thank God every day that he gave me the common sense to order it and keep it put away.

It possibly saved our lives and I know it saved us from an extreme amount of hardship and suffering. The foods were all absolutely delicious. We enjoyed them immensely and my grandson who was 14 at the time liked it so well that Wise foods was on his Christmas wish list this past year. I am so thankful to Wise and the fact that they take the extra time and care to make sure the foods are prepared and packaged as they are and that the taste and quality is exceptional. Thank You for being there when our family needed you.”
Nancy, WV