Natural Insect Control

Natural Insect Control

Wise Company dehydrated entrees and snacks are sealed in Mylar pouches and shipped in durable (reusable) black plastic buckets so you never need to worry about critters finding their way into your stored food.

But if your food doesn’t enjoy such protection, you need to find ways to keep those food-loving pests away, and it’s also important to protect yourself and your family from common, problem-causing insects like fleas and mosquitos. A growing number of people want to do so without the use of potentially toxic chemicals and fortunately there are a number of excellent ways to keep pests away using safe, natural substances:


The first line of defense against ants is to seal food packages well and keep preparation surfaces clean. But if you do get ants, it’s best to find their point of entry and sprinkle it with diatomaceous earth (powdered sedimentary rock made up of the microscopic skeletons of ancient sea creatures), cayenne pepper or coffee grounds.


Roaches are also quickly dispatched by diatomaceous earth. If you look at DE under a microscope you’ll see that the edges of these tiny skeletons are very sharp. When bugs rub up against these, the sharp edges cut right through the exoskeletons of insects, causing them desiccate (lose moisture) and die.

By the way, DE is great for extending the refrigerator life of fresh produce. You can buy it pre-packaged in pouches that you place right in your fridge’s produce bin. The millions of little chambers inside the tiny shells of DE absorb excess moisture as well as the ethylene gas that’s naturally given off by fresh produce, which causes produce to rot.

Roaches are also repelled by catnip so try making catnip tea and spraying it around doors, windows and other entry points.


Diatomaceous earth is also an excellent flea killer. It’s not harmful to humans or pets so you can rub it right on your dog or cat then brush the powder out. Sprinkle it in your yard to kill fleas outside then sprinkle it on carpets and anywhere pets like to lay. Even after you vacuum, the dust will settle into carpet fibers and continue to kill fleas.


Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying; the can carry diseases that affect humans, such as West Nile virus. They also carry the roundworms that cause heartworm disease in dogs and cats. Mosquitos can spawn thousands of larvae in just a little bit of standing water so the first step in reducing exposure to these pests is making sure there’s no standing water in pet food bowls, birdbaths, lawn decorations or gutters. If you have low spots in your yard or drive where there are water puddles, fill them in. Once you’ve eliminated their breeding ground, you can repel mosquitos with citronella, beeswax and soy candles. You can also throw stems of sage and rosemary onto an outside fire or barbeque to repel mosquitos. Mosquitos are most active in the quieter air currents of morning and evening so be sure windows and doors are closed during these times. Long-term control can also include attracting mosquito-eating creatures, such as purple martins, bats and dragonflys.

Up for a little DIY?

Make your own citronella candles

Build a bat house

Attract purple martins

Attract dragonflies

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