Not Just For Emergencies

Not Just For Emergencies

We talk a lot about having freeze-dried meals ready in case of emergency, but our gourmet just-add-water snacks and entrees have plenty more uses than tiding you over until things are back to normal. After all, most of us would say that our daily lives are far from normal! Here are some ideas for using Wise Company meals to help through life’s little daily emergencies:

Spontaneous outdoor fun:

Those of us who love the outdoors know you have to seize the moment. When the weather is fine, we’d rather get out there and enjoy nature rather than waste half of a beautiful day shopping and preparing hiking or camping vittles. Wise Company meals and snacks allow you to pack up and go quickly, without the burden of dragging a cooler along with you. Our freeze-dried meals are light and easy to stow, adding little weight to your backpack while providing quick and delicious meals. Given how small and light pack stoves have become, you can have a hot, tasty meal trailside within minutes.

Road trips

Car trips are perfect scenarios for freeze-dried meals. If you want to avoid the extra expense of the unhealthy fare found at most rest stops, packing a few of our meals and then adding hot water from a quick mart means your family can enjoy healthy, inexpensive meals on the road.

Baking and cooking:

Because freeze-dried foods maintain their flavor, color and nutritional value they are great additions to recipes. Keep some freeze-dried fruit or vegetables on hand and include them when baking to boost flavor, variety and nutritional impact.

After school:

Need to feed the kids after school before lessons or sports practice? Our entrees are a quick way to give kids the nutrition they need to power through a busy evening. And, if your kids can safely handle warming water in the microwave or a tea kettle, they can make their own meal!

Fast work lunches:

Have you been bagging your lunch to save time and money? Save even more of both with a just-add-water dehydrated entrée. At around $1.60 per serving, you can even afford to throw in some dehydrated fruit with caramel sauce!

Busy weeknights:

Sometimes after a long day at the office firing up the oven seems like too much. A dehydrated meal can be just the thing to help you keep your sanity and sneak in some relaxation. Our meals are easy to prepare and help avoid that whole kitchen mess. And they also make a great side dish when you need to expand on a main meal item.

From a busy day at work to a spontaneous hike, freeze-dried and dehydrated meals can get you and your family through life’s little emergencies and even help you seize opportunities to play and relax. Our freeze-dried fruit and vegetable snacks are especially popular for quick energy and no-clean up, no matter what your day has in store.

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