Our Favorite Prepper Infographics

Our Favorite Prepper Infographics

We love infographics because, like you, we’re busy. Infographics are terrific as they get right to the point by distilling information into an easy-to-absorb format, like this one from REI on how to choose a backpack.

Below are some of our favorite infographics for Preppers (click each image to see the full infographic). For a steady stream of helpful infographics, be sure to follow the Wise Infographics Board on Pinterest.

How to Survive in Your Home

Do It Yourself Disaster Survival

Build a Cold Weather Debris Shelter

Deadliest Natural Disasters for Homeowners

Will You Survive Doomsday?

Urban Chickens

Botanical Herbs in Today’s Medicine

Using Your Car to Survive a Natural Disaster

Do you know some other good infographics for Preppers that we should feature? Post a comment here or post link on the Wise Facebook page.


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