Our Good Food is Now Better than Ever!

Our Good Food is Now Better than Ever!

Announcing new products and reformulated recipes that eliminate transfats and reduce sodium.

Our dehydrated meals have always been different than anything-in-a-pinch MREs because we believe that emergency food doesn’t have to translate to bad food. As a result, our meals have always been good to eat – even if there’s no emergency. As food science evolves, our chefs (actual chefs) have been able to make even better food that’s even better for you.

We’re really excited to announce that we’ve tweaked the recipes for all of our entrée and breakfast foods in order to remove transfats, lower sodium levels and taste even better! These new recipes won’t diminish the long-term storage life of the products and we aren’t raising the prices.

We actually worked on our new recipes for about a year and a half. It took that long because maintaining a balance between taste, nutrition and storage life is really important to us, and the process wasn’t easy, although the outcome was worth it. And, we got a bonus in our research: We discovered that while we were working on even healthier, long-term emergency entrees, in many cases the rehydration process became quicker in addition to improving the taste, nutrition, color, texture and consistency.

New Entrees and More!

We’ve just added Loaded Baked Potato Casserole, Southwest Rice and Beans, Tomato Basil Soup with Pasta, Hearty Wholesome Eggs and Strawberry Crunch Granola. (I’m having the Loaded Baked Potato Casserole for lunch right now and I’m making those happy noises. High five, Chef!)

We love hearing your suggestions. We know that many of you are using our dehydrated meals on busy nights or for workday lunches (like we all do!), or on your boats and around campfires. We know you want food to taste good and to be something you look forward to and that you’re proud to share with tablemates, not just something that keeps you alive. I think you’re going to love the new recipes and the new entrees – let us know what you think! You can always send us a message via our Contact Us page or our Facebook page.

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