Howard, CA

“I’m in a dwindling industry business-wise, and things are getting tighter and tighter at my house. My kids have really made some sacrifices to pitch in, but food is harder to budget for. I bought some Wise emergency more than a year back, for disaster preparedness, and we’ve actually pulled some entrees out of the bucket to help with our budget.
It’s not over, this tough situation, but our Wise food storage supply is definitely helping us through it. […]


Saving the Honeybee

Preppers talk a lot about gardening because the ultimate preparation is being self-sufficient, or mostly self-sufficient, in a way that lasts for generations. However, we’re never truly self-sufficient because we are always dependent on Earth’s systems. For example, we need it to rain, we need sunshine and we need worms to break down organic matter so soil builds up nutrients. We even need things that are hard to appreciate like spiders, vultures, snakes and sharks. And…bees.
By now you probably […]


Kim, NV

“My story is probably different from any other than you’ll ever hear. My daughter has been diagnosed with lymphoma and the insurance company refusing to cover any cost because of the fact that they say it is a preexisting condition. This has caused us to use the Wise Food products that we bought in the past to continue to be able to eat. Even though we have not used Wise in a natural disaster it’s still a disaster in […]


Best Prepper Books

It won’t be long before the days shorten, the temps drop and we’re all spending more inside. What to do? Read! Here are some favorite Prepper fiction and non-fiction books:
The Flu by Jaqueline Druga –  (Fiction) This author imagines what would happen if the Spanish Flu, thought to be extinct, resurfaced in the United States. Set in fictional Lodi, Ohio, this book explores the consequences and moral tests of a new plague.
Preserving Food without Freezing or Canning: Traditional Techniques […]


Tim, OH

“On October 29th 2012 hurricane Sandy hit Northeast Ohio. We lost power almost immediately. Let me tell you it was a godsend to have hot meals from Wise while waiting to get power on.
Wise food products are awesome, easy to use and tasty. You need to have access to water for reconstituting it, but beyond that even kids could easily cook this stuff. The selection is amazing and not having to eat the same thing over and over makes […]


Mike, SD

“Initially we bought Wise Company foods as a way to have food for camping. Needless to say weeks after getting our Wise packs, we had a three week power outage. First we used canned goods, crackers, and water. Days into it we were so sick of eating the same thing. Thinking of what we could do, we dug into our camping gear and grabbed our Wise packages. Over the next seven days we used Wise food packs, for breakfast […]


Laurie, WI

“I have budgeted for preparation products for years. After living through Hurricane Charley on Sanibel Island in 2004. We lost the roof and were months without power. Our relationship could not withstand the stress and the loss. I vowed I would never be caught in such a situation EVER again.
I moved from the Island to the mountains in TN when I started ordering from your company. I would buy what I could afford to add to my supplies on […]


Missy, NC

“I had never heard of emergency food storage until after going through Hurricane Katrina. I started doing research about what was best for long term storage and came across Wise Comany. I ordered my family (over the course of 4 years, now) enough food to last us for a little over 2 years in an emergency situation. My plan was for another Katrina. But since the economy has collapsed and all our income comes from […]



It seems like everybody is headed to the back yard for salad these days! Foraging is a great skill to cultivate.  Now that it’s gaining popularity, there is even more information out there about how to do it well and how to do it safely. If you’re ready to forage for dinner or for a salad to go with your tasty Wise entrée (eh-hem), here are some tips:
Be sure you know what you’re eating
The first rule of foraging is […]


Choosing the Right Compass

There comes a time in life when you realize that trying to give directions using “right” and “left” is confusing and ineffective. It’s especially ineffective if you’re trying to navigate outside of an urban area. Learning to read a compass and to build compass terms into your vocabulary is a critical survival skill.
Direction 101: Cardinal, intercardinal and secondary intercardinal points
The four main points, or cardinal points, on a compass are North, South, East and West. There are four intercardinal […]