Preparing Picky Eaters for Emergencies

Preparing Picky Eaters for Emergencies

In our last post we recommended you keep a couple packs of regular playing cards on hand and learn the rules to some basic games in advance. We’ve found that a diversion helps pass time and soothe kids (even adults!) in an emergency, even if it’s just a power outage.

There is sound reasoning behind this plan; part of preparing for an emergency isn’t just making sure you have food, water and shelter. If you’ve got a family, preparing for an emergency is also about a plan to retain as much normalcy as possible.

Ready Kids is a great website you can use with your kids to help them feel involved with the plan. Helping your kids feel prepared is one of the best things you can do to keep them safe and calm if there is an emergency. The site teaches kids the difference between a Tornado Watch and a Tornado Warning, what kind of things they need in their emergency kit and even lets them graduate from “Readiness U”.

Experts know, preparing kids ahead of time and helping them feel like part of the plan is extremely important to their health and well-being.

Now, at Wise Foods we know that kids are notoriously picky eaters. We also know you don’t want a weeklong lights-out with a little one who refuses to eat the food you’ve stashed for just such an occasion.

We’ve found that most food-related meltdowns are averted if kids are already acclimated to freeze-dried food. Here are some tips:

  • Choose some freeze-dried meals that are already familiar to your child. Our Cheesy Macaroni and Chili Macaroni are favorites with kids.
  • Add some freeze-dried fruits with dipping sauces to their meals. Not only will it balance the nutritional intake, kids are endlessly fascinated with the freedom to dip food.
  • Make a game of trying the various entrees and letting them pick their favorite. When they’ve picked it, they feel like it’s “theirs”.
  • Keep their favorites in a semi-regular rotation on non-emergency days so freeze-dried meals don’t seem unusual.
  • Use the Ready Kids site to involve your child in the family emergency plan – let them help order and stash their own favorite meals.
  • If they’re old enough to safely handle hot water, let them help prepare their own freeze-dried meals.
  • Use your Smartphone to let kids record their own “cooking show” – let them be the star while they prepare and garnish their own just-add-water meal. Share it with us on Facebook!

If you’ve got tips for how to involve kids in emergency preparation, share with us and our readers on Facebook or Twitter!

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