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Preparing for Winter Storms

Winter storms have a thousand ways of interrupting dinner. Power outages are common as ice builds up on power lines, car slide-offs regularly take out transformers, deep snow and ice can either keep you or supply trucks from getting to the store and hazardous conditions and dangerously low temperatures make it a bad idea to even try.

Forty-nine US states experience winter storms. That means, wherever you are, at some point you can count trying to figure out what to make with ketchup, crackers and a sickly-looking apple as the snow piles up outside.

The way we see it, when a winter storm hits you can either eat ketchup and cracker sandwiches, slip and slide for an hour to get to the grocery store that’s only 5 minutes away (risking your safety and insurance deductible), or stay safely in your home and break out the gourmet emergency food that’s stashed in the pantry (yes, survival food doesn’t have to be boring). We recommend the latter.

Here are some other tips for staying safe in winter storms:

Chances are you’re going to experience some kind of supply chain delay because of a storm this year – a little preparation will go a long way.