Smart Watches

Smart Watches

Could “smart watches be the technology that Preppers have been waiting for? Current technology allows smart watches to display the same alerts and perform many of the same functions as cell phones, but having alerts on your wrist eliminates all that digging around in your pockets or purse. Though there aren’t many apps for smart watches right now, new apps are popping up all the time, and some tech forecasters say the Smart Watch may out evolve the smartphone.

From a preparedness point of view, one of the best things about the smart watch is that batteries already last for a week and that’s likely to extend to longer stretches of time. Smart watches are waterproof and durable, so they could replace expensive, fragile cell phones.

Google is in the race for smart watch app expansion, so we can expect rapid evolution of the technology. What else might the Prepper crowd get out of future smart watches? Here’s what some experts project:

Emergency alerts will push critical weather, disaster and traffic information to users. Emergency alerts on your wrist means you’ll be likely be informed even faster than on a smartphone.

  • YouTube will allow you to watch videos right on your wrist. YouTube has proven extremely helpful for Preppers who want to share how-to knowledge. How cool would it be to have instructions for building a desalinator still or a debris shelter right on your arm?
  • Track vital signs through constant monitoring. Specialized watches already have the ability to monitor vital signs like heart rate and blood pressure, and some can monitor calories burned. This information may be critical in an emergency when you are dealing with injuries and are more likely to eat less and use more energy than normal.
  • Skype will enable you to have instant face-to-face conversations with other Smart Watch owners quickly.
  • Compass functionality will enable you to follow your arm to specific coordinates – and enable you to be found should you need emergency help.
  • Google Glass integration may offer advanced voice commands for everything from sending text messages, to getting directions to getting medical help quickly.
  • Real-time location monitoring could help families keep track of each other in the chaos of an emergency.

Most current Smart Watch owners are early adopters who like any kind of new technology. While early reports of the watches are underwhelming, the potential of the technology is exciting. Thinking about the technology that’s already possible for Smart Watches? Then think about how fast technology evolves and you’re well on your way to having a gadget on your wrist that’s worthy of any SciFi movie.

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