Stacey, TX

Stacey, TX

“I never thought I’d be dipping into our emergency food supply so soon, but I can’t say enough how relieved I am to have it. A few years ago my husband and I thought it would be smart to purchase an emergency food supply. After researching, comparing, and finally talking with representatives, there seemed to be only one clear choice. We bought a couple of buckets from our personal Wise food representative.

What a smile I had on my face when those buckets arrived at our house a few days later! My husband of 15 years is a fire chief in a rural part of our county in Texas and a few years ago we decided I’d leave my job as a banker to stay at home and raise our four small children. Recently we received devastating news that the fire station would be shutting its doors in October. We also decided that in order to better our family’s future my husband would need to go back to school.

As I sat down figuring our bills for the month I realized we were coming up short after the new cost of college. I started to feel overwhelmed. How could we possibly save in order to survive the time between jobs if we couldn’t even manage right now? My husband and I brainstormed and realized a large chunk of money was spent on food for our family of six. How could we possibly cut the cost anymore though when I was already fairly frugal in that department as it was? We came to the conclusion that we’d in fact have to use everything we already had on hand and only buy the necessities.

So, the next day was the first of many to follow consisting of Wise Company breakfasts and dinners! I was definitely a little apprehensive about our children liking it. I didn’t want them to eat less than usual or feel like something was different. As we sat down at the table for breakfast everyone enjoyed the choices we had for them! When dinner rolled around I had cheesy lasagna and broccoli laid out for everyone to enjoy. We loved it and in no way did it feel like we were without. It was delicious. Everyone including my seventeen month old cleaned their plate!! For the past several weeks this is our new routine.

We’ve had breakfast and dinner every day making good use out of our supply. There is such a selection in what we have no one has gotten tired or bored of eating it either. It’s such a burden lifted off our shoulders knowing that we won’t have any issues feeding our family healthy food. I’m glad we made the decision to buy because you can’t know when or what type of emergency will affect your family. Seeing those buckets in my pantry every morning puts an even bigger smile on my face today, than when they arrived”.

Stacey, TX

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