Wise Food Storage Blog

Stocking (and Stomach) Stuffers

We love giving our Wise freeze dried food Sampler Kits as stocking stuffers. There are four different dehydrated entrees in each kit and if the stocking is of generous size, the individual packets fit nicely in a stocking toe, making a delightfully mysterious bulge. Inevitably, long after the chocolate is gone and the Pez dispensers are empty, everyone wants to see what gourmet freeze-dried meals taste like. Sharing and comparing ensues and if only we were there, we would eagerly wait to see if the Pasta Alfredo, Chili Macaroni, Cheesy Lasagna or Savory Stroganoff will win as the favorite.

Now, even though it’s the Holidays, there will be those who refuse to share – instead stashing their packet for an emergency, a quick meal or a warm tasty meal by the campfire. We can’t blame them – that’s what we do!