How to Store Cheese by Waxing

How to Store Cheese by Waxing

Rich in protein and calories, cheese can provide an individual with the energy and calories needed to survive a challenging emergency event. However, most cheeses need to be refrigerated, and since it’s entirely possible for a home to lose power during an emergency situation such as a natural disaster, a prepper’s stockpile of cheeses could potentially spoil. Coating a cheese wheel in wax, though, can help to increase its shelf life, as the wax protects the cheese from accruing mold. Here’s a quick how-to on waxing cheese, courtesy of Modern Survival Blog.

Firstly, you’re going to need some cheese wax, a pot to melt the cheese (or a can), a sizable pot (which will act as a double-boiler), cheesecloth and a cheese-wax brush. You shouldn’t use an ordinary paintbrush, or a nylon brush, since you will be consuming the cheese and you don’t want any potentially toxic chemicals on your food. Also, remember that you should only wax hard cheeses—these types of cheeses don’t have very much moisture locked away, so when combined with wax, you shouldn’t have to worry about excess moisture building up and potentially spoiling the cheese.

Take your larger pot, and fill it with a few inches of water. Then place your smaller pot (or can, since you can use it for storing the excess wax later), inside the larger pot. You never want to place wax directly on a heat source, as it could burn. That’s why using a double-boiler is crucial. Then, use your brush to coat your cheese with a thin layer of wax—make sure to get all the nooks and crannies! Then, once that first layer is done, add a second, thicker layer on top.

Store your cheese in a cool location. Remember, you can’t simply store and forgot your cheese. While it’s in storage, moisture will gradually seep out of your cheese and through the wax—that’s why it’s important to place it on some cheesecloth in storage. So, to make sure that excess moisture doesn’t build up, flip the cheese roughly once a week. Learning how to wax cheese is a great skill—by picking this up, you can effectively store a tasty snack with the rest of your emergency supplies and equipment.


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