Survival Tips Learned From Watching The Walking Dead

Survival Tips Learned From Watching The Walking Dead

Fans of television’s The Walking Dead are a fiercely loyal bunch—tuning in season after season despite seeing beloved characters killed off in unbelievably gruesome scenes. Then along comes an even bigger shocker—the particularly cruel murder of fan favorite Glenn and relative newcomer Abraham—not by a zombie, but at the hands of the psychotic sociopath Negan. Even if you’ve watched only one episode, it is obvious these characters have incredible survival skills in the face of utter chaos and despair. This begs the question—other than providing white knuckle entertainment, do any of the amazingly tenacious survival skills of these characters apply to the real world? The answer is yes, even though we are not facing a zombie apocalypse any time soon.

Don’t be fooled by a person’s appearance, manners, or outward behavior. Seems like a long time ago, but remember the Governor and folks at Terminus? The lesson learned is to be weary and not trust anyone you don’t know well when you are in unfamiliar situations. Life is full of the unexpected and this applies to people’s characters and ulterior motives.

When you take refuge somewhere, don’t assume it is a permanent solution. When the characters in The Walking Dead were forced to flee the prison, chaos ensued. What would you do if a natural disaster threatened and inevitably destroyed much of your neighborhood? Would you be prepared to evacuate ahead of time to a preplanned place or would you and your family be subjected to potential dangers like flooded roads, downed live electric lines, etc.?

All the guns and gadgets in the world do not replace basic survival kills such as building a fire, tracking prey, building snares, and rationing food. Rationing is a logical step to take when food, water, and other goods are scarce. Plan ahead so you don’t run out of water, but if you do, make sure you always have a means to filter water. The characters on The Walking Dead who possess these innate skills manage to survive, unforeseen circumstances like evil humans notwithstanding.

You may not be able to run out to your local gun shop and find ammunition. Learning how to use and hunt with knives and bows could prove lifesaving when you are stranded in the wilderness. You will not only be able to hunt prey, but defend yourself from bad guys –not likely zombies, but it isn’t unheard of running into unsavory people who prey on victims of natural disasters.

Planning ahead for potential disasters is probably the most important bit of advice. When the characters in The Walking Dead found ransacked stores with very few supplies, this is not too far from the reality you could encounter after a major natural disaster. Preparing an emergency food pantry and survival kit ahead of time is well worth the time. At the top of this list should be a well-stocked bug-out bag that you can quickly grab during emergencies.

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